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Tracking a new EP with Classic you!

We’ve spent the last weekend tracking 4 new songs for a new EP. As usual it was a nice weekend of tracking some cool songs. I’ve recorded sessions with these lovely guys before in other bands and it was a blast again working together.

As per usual, we started with tracking the drums. After setting everything up, engineering, sound checking and finetuning everything to get the best source tones possible tracking could start.

This time I decided to use a pair of ribbon mics for the overheads, to get a little bigger picture of the full kit, and a somewhat warmer source sound to begin with.

I also added two sets of room mics. One set as a spaced pair about 2 feet from the floor pointing away from the drumkit into the room.

Another set of omni mics in the far corners of the room, to give the drums a sense of bigness and depth.

Here nick is tracking the intro to the song “The woods” like a boss.

When the drums are done, we of course need to have some bass. Like a champ Ben laid down his scratch tracks super tight, so we only needed to check and punch in a few minor things, and it was done.

Guitars we’re up next. For both Bert and Sander we tracked everything to a DI track first until perfection. Then we used these DI tracks for reamping the final tones after.

While tracking the DI’s we used one of their tubeamps (Orange TH100) hooked up to a palmer loadbox/cabsim for monitoring purposes.

Of course we need solos. See Bert rip his guitar a new one.

Reamping, loud noises and chill

All in all, cool session, great songs, good vibes .. vocals up next. Then off to mixing.


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