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Me as a musician

I’m marc and I’m passionate about music. Ever since I discovered punkrock and hardcore at the age of 14 I have been obsessed with this stuff. I got my first bass at 15 and started my own band, and I have been playing in bands ever since then.

Along the way I also pickup up guitar and to a minor extent drums.

Having played and toured in a wide array of bands for almost 30 years now, I know all the inner workings and dynamics in band life, and can feel the room to what’s going on and guide you through the writing or recording process.

Along the way I’ve been on stage and in the studio with bands like Omission, Herder, Mankind, Feast and Hater. I’ve also done replacement shows or tours for acts like Entrapment or Teethgrinder.

So I know my ways in the rehearsal space, on stage and on the road.

marc - bass - live

Me as a person

Besides being a musician and studio engineer, I’m also a dad, and a software developer.

I’ve also been active within the dutch punkrock, hardcore and metal scenes for a long long time.

As a strong believer in DIY ethics and work attitude I’ve always kept my own independence on every part of the world that is music, whether it be playing, recording, mixing or releasing music.

Me in the studio

I’ve been working as a recording and mixing engineer since 2006. I have worked with a wide array of artists from the dutch punkrock, hardcore and metalworld. I have worked with the following artists as either an engineer, producer, mixer or a combination.

  • Feast
  • Herder
  • Hater
  • Classic you!
  • Sweet empire
  • Peterlees
  • Black volvo
  • Cold grip
  • Enemy ground
  • Sfeer verzieker
  • Lifespite
  • Entrapment
  • Vallainy
  • Grinding halt
  • Acid death trip
  • F.U.B.A.R
  • and more ..

In the studio I’m relaxed and will help to get the best performance out of you. I’m a strong believer in getting it right at the source. My goal is to have you sounding like you and ready for release when we’re done recording.

This will be purely technical stuff like tuning drums or stringed instruments, getting proper source tones by getting the best microphone position, help you with getting the best sound possible and make you comfortable to do your thing.

I’m in service of you and your art.

Me as a hoarder

Besides being a musician and recording/mixing engineer, I’m also a huge gearhead. I own a wide array of guitar and bass amps, 2 ready to record drumkits, a 24 channel analog tracking console and an array of outboard gear.