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Working with Perimeter audio has been nothing but a pleasurable experience. Mark is a veteran in the field not only as a producer but also as a versatile musician.

He is accustomed to what DIY culture entails. What I particularly enjoyed was that given our time frame, which was tight, Mark is able to be at ease and competent at the same time. He is calm and gives good feedback when needed.

I like the projects he puts out and I’d definitely recommend Perimeter audio for recording your music.

Lei von der Strasse – Dresden leningrad

Our first experience with Marc and Perimeter Audio was during the recording of Weltschmerz.

Due to a hectic touring schedule the engineer / producer we had in mind was not able to do the recordings, so he initiated the idea to record with Marc, and leave the production to him.

From the first contact with Marc we got along really well. Marc has a very healthy work ethic and is able to work in a professional environment, with DIY attitude and vice versa when needed.
Make sure there is coffee and that he gets a cigarette break every once in a while and Marc will be unstoppable!

The recordings resulted in a great sounding record, so thanks muchacho!

Bas – F.U.B.A.R.

Sweet Empire worked with Marc on their last two albums “A New Cycle” and “All Empires Fall”. The overall recording experience was relaxed and professional.

Marc knows what he’s doing, having lots of experience with recording and playing in bands himself. He’s flexible and easy to communicate with. Gives an honest opinion when asked.

For any future projects we would love to work with him again.

Rowald – Sweet Empire

We were looking for a studio to record “a demo on a budged” with “I Scream Protest”. We contacted Marc and … he immediately got the idea, got enthusiastic about it and was a great sport in the proces.

We recorded our tracks, Marc edited, mixed and mastered the shit out of it and we ended up with a great sounding recording!

The proces was very smooth and well organized. It’s like Marc becomes a member of the band during the recordings. We were never in a hurry but we got a lot done in a short time. Friendly, open, but honest communication and a relaxed atmos(h)phere brings out the best in all. And that shows that … well … experience, curiosity … and a wurst mic go a long way.

Bas – I scream protest