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Reamping a portfolio track

By September 21, 2022Sessions

So, I wanted to work on some new portfolio track. I chose the track “707” by the artist Binary code. This track is available from the portfolio builder section by Nail the mix.

It only had DI’s for both the bass and guitars. I could go with some sims, but I decided to have a go at reamping those with some of my real amps, and experiment with some microphones and mic placements as well.

After testing some mics and placements, I got what I wanted for this session by a rather odd setup. A vintage Uher M537 combined with an Audio technice AE3000.

After getting these in phase, the result was a clear, thick and punchy guitar tone.

Amp wise I chose to go with a Friedman BEOD clone going into a VHT Deliverance 120D. Then I added a second layer with the RNR SL/LD preamp boosted with an Isocecles pedal going into a Mesa boogie Simulclass:90.

I angled the Audio technica just a little off axis, to get rid of some high end harshness and make the tone sit a little better.

The uher was pretty much on point at the dustcap of the speaker.

Marc van Duivenvoorde

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